Building Your Business Brand 

Branding (Planting)


Establishing identity through logo, design, and mission statement.

Administration (Feeding)


Understanding the key roles of all players on board. If alone, time to STEP UP on dedication.

Product or Services (Flowering)


What are you selling? Who is interested?
Why would YOU buy from YOU instead of from ------?

 Quality, Pricing, & Budget (Weeding)


Quality control, product pricing, profit margins, shipping and handling, vendors, and staff. How to balance and pay yourself.

Marketing, Leads, & Social Media Platforms (Reaping)


Generate anticipation prior to LAUNCH  Which platforms are geared to your business will help identify the profiles of your clients to increase leads and opportunities.

Building a SOLID Network FOUNDATION, hot-warm-cold calling, engagement, follow-ups, landing pages, and subscribers.